They tested these with 100 middle aged adults on a monthly

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No member is given a job unless they get a thorough grilling

Columbia has a rigorous commitment to minority, women and local (MWL) business enterprises and supports this commitment through a variety of initiatives. The construction mentorship program was formed in conjunction with New York City’s Department of Small Business Services (SBS) in January 2008. Since then, professionals from 53 firms have graduated and garnered more than $60 million in construction trades work with the city and Columbia..

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I don want to be a burden on them

They coming unpainted, so we have them painted here, and decaled either PROTOVELO or CLEM or CLEMENTINE. If they perfect and the we get the paint right. Mark, Jared, and Brian picked the CLEM colors, and I know what they are, but we have nothing to show yet.

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